Wednesday 18 January 2017


            He was born in Lithuania and died there under the Nazis.  He published: Der gehenem (The Inferno), a free translation from Dante’s original Italian, vol. 1 (Kovno: Der shtern, 1932), 137 pp.  “The ‘free translation’ by Sh. Kokhav…has, so to speak, enlightening literary and informative significance,” wrote Shmuel Niger.  “Those who have never read The Inferno…will get something of an idea…in Kokhav’s ‘free translation’ of the external side of Dante’s life.”  Kokhav also published Poemes fun royter moskve (Poems from red Moscow) (Kovno, 1932), 42 pp.

Sources: Shmuel Niger, in Tsukunft (New York) (November 1932); D. Tsharni (Daniel Charney), in Literarishe bleter (Warsaw) 26 (1932); N. Y. Gotlib, in Lite (Lithuania) (New York, 1951), p. 1106.
Mortkhe Yofe

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