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FROYM KATS (1870-April 5, 1924)
            He was born in Gline (Glinyani), eastern Galicia.  He studied in religious primary school, a house of study, and a Polish high school.  He worked as a bank employee.  He was one of the first “Lovers of Zion” (early Zionists) in his town.  He was a founder and president of the Zionist group “Ahavat tsiyon” (Love of Zion) in 1919.  He published stories and articles in: Lemberger togblat (Lemberg daily newspaper) (1909-1924); Di vokhnshrift (The weekly writing) in Lemberg (1919-1921); Gershon Bader’s Yudisher folks-kalendar (Jewish people’s calendar) in Lemberg (1909); the anthologies Shtralen (Beams [of light]) in Vilna (1914) and Moyshe Frostik’s Yudisher kalendar (Jewish calendar); as well as in various periodicals of Galician Zionists in Lemberg, Cracow, and other places.  He died in Lemberg.

Sources: H. Halpern, Megiles gline (The book of Gline) (New York, 1950), pp. 90, 139, 142; N. M. Gelber, Toldot hatenua hatsiyonit begalitsiya (History of the Zionist movement in Galicia) (Jerusalem, 1958), pp. 254, 511.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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