Wednesday 10 February 2016


KHAYIM-ARN HAFNER (November 28, 1864-September 13, 1923)
            He was born in Sokal, Galicia.  After his marriage, he became a wedding jester and wrote poems in Hebrew and Yiddish.  He contributed to Haivri (The Jew) and Ivri anokhi (I am a Jew) in Brody (1888) and to Di velt in Vienna (1900).  In 1901 he moved to the United States with his family.  He wrote for Teglekher herald (Daily herald) in 1902, Di idishe velt (The Jewish world) in 1903, and Yidishes tageblat (Jewish daily newspaper)—in New York.  He edited: Di idishe prese (The Jewish press) in 1914-1915 and Der id (The Jew), only four issues—both in New York; and Progres (Progress), a weekly in Brownsville, New York, 1916-1917.  He also brought out three booklets of Hebrew poetry: Ovadia (Brod, 1988); Manginot (Melodies) (Bibrka, 1900), 61 pp.; Zevaḥ pesaḥ (Paschal sacrifice) (New York, 1904/1905), 8 pp.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; H. Morgenshtern, in Tog-morgn zhurnal (New York) (June 27, 1956); H. M. Shtigler, in Tog-morgn zhurnal (December 23, 1959).

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