Sunday 7 February 2016


FILIP )PHILIP) HALPERN (1894-January 5, 1932)
            He was born in Minsk, Byelorussia.  In the United States, he was a member of Dr. Zhitlovsky’s group, “Nay lebn” (New life).  During the period of WWI, he served in the Jewish Legion in Palestine, later becoming active with the left Labor Zionists, and later still leaving them and becoming a leading figure in the Communist Party in America.  Over the course of six years, he was editor of Kamf (Struggle) in Toronto, organ of the Communist Party in Canada.  He died in Toronto.

Sources: K. Marmor, in Morgn frayhayt (New York) (January 19, 1932); T. Bak, in Morgn frayhayt (January 24, 1932).

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