Monday 8 February 2016


AVROM HAMER (1899-1942)
            He was born in Pyotrków (Pyetrikov), Poland.  He studied in religious elementary school, later graduating from a high school.  He settled in Lodz and contributed to Lodzer folksblat (Lodz people’s newspaper).  He was subsequently a correspondent for Moment (Moment) covering  the Pyotrków and Tshenstokhov (Czestochowa) region.  Until WWII, he published and edited the weekly Pyetrikover tsaytung (Pyotrków newspaper) and Unzer tsaytung (Our newspaper), 1929-1939.  During WWII, he was confined in the Pyotrków ghetto.  In October 1942 during the liquidation of the ghetto, he was deported to Treblinka.

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