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            He was the author of Partsufim, ale sheymes bney-yisroel, r’ moyshe shmeker mit di oygen un shmerl bim-bom der lets. Shloymele khazir un pnine di goye, oder finf mol mazl-tov (Faces, all the names of the children of Israel, Reb Moyshe Shmeker with the eyes and Shmerl Bim-bom the clown. Shloymele the pig and Pnina the gentile, or five times congratulations) (Kiev: Mizman lezman, 1918), 20 pp.  He was the publisher-editor of A yidish vort, a frihling-zumerblat far literatur, kritik un kunst (A Jewish word, a spring-summer paper for literature, criticism, and art) in Kiev (issue no. 1, May 1918).  Sholem-Aleichem wrote a Yiddish-Hebrew poem for him, and Rozen countered with a poem in Hebrew.

Sources: Chone Shmeruk, comp., Pirsumim yehudiim babrit-hamoatsot, 1917-1961 (Jewish publications in the Soviet Union, 1917-1961) (Jerusalem, 1961), see index; Literarishe bleter (Warsaw) 20 (1929).
Berl Cohen

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