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JACK RAVIN (JACQUES RAVINE) (b. February 16, 1906)
            The pen name of Yankev Shpeyter, he was born in Loytsk (Lutsk), Volhynia.  He graduated from a secular high school.  He was an active Communist in Poland and France whence he emigrated in 1931.  He was a fighter in the French underground against the Nazis.  He debuted in print in Naye prese (New press) in Paris with a series of reportage pieces concerning Brazil where he had lived for a certain period of time.  He was a contributor and political editor of the newspaper.  In book form: In gerangl kegn natsishn soyne, der organizirter vidershtand fun di yidn in frankraykh (In the struggle against the Nazi enemy, the organized resistance of the Jews in France) (Paris: Oyrsbay, 1970), 423 pp.—it appeared in French in 1973: La Résistance organisée des Juifs en France, 1940-1944 (Parise: Julliard), 316 pp.

Source: Yekhezkl Kornhendler, in Di prese (Buenos Aires) (August 1, 1973).
Dr. Noyekh Gris

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