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            He came from Ostre (Ostróg), Volhynia.  He lived in Vilna, Kiev, and Berdichev.  He was a popular Yiddish-Hebrew teacher.  He authored: Der bilbl oder di libe on hofnung, eyn hekhst interesanter roman (The blood libel or love without hope, a truly interesting novel), “a story from Jewish life” (Berdichev, 1887), 68 pp.; and Di frukht der ferbotene libe oder di getreye tokhter (The fruit of forbidden love or the faithful daughter), “a truly interesting novel in three parts,” part 1 (Odessa, 1900), 98 pp., parts 2 and 3 (Vilna, 1901), 120 pp.—it appeared in a number of different editions, the final one out of Warsaw in 1910.

Source: Salomon Esbikher (Sholem-Aleykhem), in Yudishe folksbiblyotek (Jewish people’s library), vol. 1 (Kiev, 188).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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