Tuesday 8 May 2018


HERSH SEGAL (December 8, 1905-February 1, 1982)
            He was born in Strzeliska Nowe (now, Novi Strilyshcha), Galicia.  He received a traditional education.  In 1930 he graduated in mathematics from Czernowitz University.  He was a teacher in ORT (Association for the Promotion of Skilled Trades) and other schools.  In 1946 he settled in Bacău, Romania, and in 1962 in Israel.  From 1933 he published articles in: Tshernovitser bleter (Czernowitz leaves), Di vokh (The week) in Bucharest, and Oyfgang (Arise) in Sighet-Marmației.  His main earnings consisted of publishing with appropriate prefaces the works of Yiddish poets and artists: four volumes of lyrical poetry—Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Lider (Poems); H. Leivick, Lider; Yakob Haringer, Gedikhte (Poems); and Yoysef Vaynheber (Czernowitz, 1937)—Zelik Barditshever, Lider mit nigunim (Poems with melodies) (Czernowitz, 1939), 30 pp.; Moyshe-Leyb Halpern, Zeks shloflider (Six bedtime songs) (Czernowitz, 1939); and Eliezer Shteynberg, Gezungene lider (Songs to be sung) (Rehovot, 1977), 29 pp.; among others.  He co-edited the small anthology Naye yidishe dikhtung (New Yiddish poetry) (Czernowitz, 1934), 96 pp.—in Latin transcription.  He died in Rehovot.

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