Friday 15 December 2017


            He was born in Poland.  In the 1920s he made his way to Cuba.  He was among the most active leaders of the Jewish section of the Community Party in Cuba.  He was the Havana correspondent for New York’s Morgn-frayhayt (Morning freedom), edited by Kh. Bandes.  In December 1938 he published (using the pen name N. Khayim) Far eynikeyt in undzer yishev (For unity in our community) (Havana: Kunst un kultur), 24 pp.  He was a member of the editorial board and contributor to the leftist periodicals and newspapers in Havana: Kubaner bleter (Cuban pages), a literary monthly (1938-1939); Program fun arbet farn yidishn tsenter (Program of work for a Jewish center) (1940); Far der fartaydikung fun yidishn tsenter (In defense of a Jewish center) (April 1940); Der anti-natsi (The anti-Nazi), published by the anti-Nazi committee of Havana (November 1941); Kubaner yidish vort (The Yiddish word of Cuba), beginning as a weekly, later published two to three times each week, to which he contributed until July 29, 1950; Informatsye buletin (Information bulletin) of the society for art and culture of Havana; Unzer hilf der royter armey (Our aid to the Red Army) (June 22, 1942); 30 yor sovetnfarband (Thirty years of the Soviet Union), almanac (1947); 7ter november albom (November 7th album) (1947); and others.  He was last living in Havana.
Leyzer Ran

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