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ARN MARSHOV (March 28, 1879-August 1, 1957)
            He was born in Priluki (Pryluky), Ukraine.  He attended religious elementary school and a yeshiva in Homel (Gomel), and studied secular subject matter on his own.  Over the years 1897-1901, he studied medicine in Königsberg and Vienna.  After receiving his medical degree, he practiced in Vienna and Cracow.  He was active in the Zionist labor movement and was a delegate to Zionist congresses.  He spent the years 1913-1924 in Konotop, where he served as a rabbi.  He was active there with the Labor Zionists and was head of the Jewish community.  From 1924 he was living in the land of Israel, working as a doctor and community leader in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, and elsewhere.  He was a regular contributor to Der yudisher arbayter (The Jewish worker) in Vienna (1904-1906).  He authored the pamphlet Der poyle-tsienizm (Labor Zionism) (Cracow, 1906), 24 pp.  He translated from Russian into Yiddish: Daniel Pasmanik, Di theorye un praktik funem poyle-tsienizm (The theory and practice of Labor Zionism) (Cracow: Austria Labor Zionists, 1906), 110 pp.  He contributed to Labor Zionist publications in Russia and Poland, as well as to: Hapoal hatsair (The young laborer) and Davar (Word), among other serials, in the state of Israel.  He died in Rehovot, Israel.

Sources: D. Tidhar, in Entsiklopedyah leḥalutse hayishuv uvonav (Encyclopedia of the pioneers and builders of the yishuv), vol. 13 (Tel Aviv, 1963), pp. 4286-87; N. M. Gelber, Toldot hatenua hatsiyonit begalitsiya (History of the Zionist movement in Galicia) (Jerusalem, 1958), see index.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

[Additional information from: Berl Kagan, comp., Leksikon fun yidish-shraybers (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers) (New York, 1986), col. 385.]

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