Monday 12 December 2016


SHOLEM YEDIDYE (June 29, 1902-June 13, 1979)
            This was the adopted name of Sholem Gotlib (Szulim Gottlieb), born in Kamyonke (Kamianka), eastern Galicia.  He studied in religious elementary school, yeshiva, and took a Hebrew teachers’ course in Lemberg.  There he graduated from a Polish high school as well and went on to study philosophy at university.  From 1934 he was living in Warsaw.  In 1937 he made a voyage across Africa and settled in Israel in 1940.  He published reportage pieces in Lemberger togblat (Lemberg daily newspaper) in 1921.  From 1929 he was co-editor of Moment (Moment) in Warsaw.  From 1934 he edited Radyo (Radio) in Warsaw.  Over the years 1940-1952, he was news editor of Haarets (The land) in Tel Aviv.  He also published (using the pen name Sh. Varshoy) in Yediot aḥaronot (Latest news) and Hador (The generation).  In 1953 he was editor of the Hebrew illustrated weekly newspaper Ḥaye shaa (Life of the hour).  In book form: Tsvishn sinay un zanzibar, togbukh fun a rayze iber mizrekh-afrike (Between Sinai and Zanzibar, diary of a trip through East Africa) (Warsaw: Literarishe bleter, 1938), 183 pp.  He died in Tel Aviv.

Sources: D. Tidhar, in Entsiklopedyah lealutse hayishuv uvonav (Encyclopedia of the pioneers and builders of the yishuv), vol. 5 (Tel Aviv, 1952), p. 2231; Dr. R. Feldshuh, Idishe gezelshaftlikher leksikon (Jewish communal handbook), vol. 1 (Warsaw, 1939), p. 656.

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