Friday 16 December 2016


B. YUKHVITS (b. 1888)
            He was born in Bobryusk, Byrelorussia.  He graduated from a Russian high school and studied at Kiev University.  In 1910 he moved to Warsaw and became a proofreader and contributor to Moment (Moment), in which he published impressions of Warsaw Jewish life and articles on literature.  In 1910 he brought out in Warsaw a book entitled Gezangen (Songs).  He edited the holiday sheet Grins af shvues (Vegetables on Shavuot) (Warsaw, 1914).  With the outbreak of WWI in August 1914, he made his way to Russia.  Subsequent information about him remains unknown.

Sources: Dov Sadan, “Vaata shunra” (Then came a cat), Maḥanayim (Tel Aviv), Passover issue (1961), p. 147; information from Yankev Fishman in New York.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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