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            She was born in Prashnits (Przasnysz), Plotsk district, Poland.  Her father, Dov-Ber Broybart, was a rabbi in Shedlets (Siedlce) and Bendin (Będzin).  She studied in a Russian and in a Polish school, later also in a Hebrew one.  After marrying she settled in Kalisz where she lived until WWII.  She published her first article—“Ertsiung” (Education)—in Roman-tsaytung (Fiction newspaper) (Warsaw) 16 (1908); and in issue 18 (under the pen name Rozalye Yakubson) she published a poem.  Another poem, “Tsu mayn tatn” (To my father), appeared in Y. L. Perets’s anthology Yudish (Yiddish) in Warsaw (1910), and afterward she contributed poems, novellas, and articles to: Dos bendiner vort (The Będzin word); Dos folk (The people), Vaysenbergs zamelbikher (Vaysenberg’s collections), Ringen (Links), Haynt (Today), Varshever almanakh (Warsaw almanac), and Unzer tribune (Our tribune)—in Warsaw; Folksblat (People’s newspaper), Nayer folksblat (New people’s newspaper), Lodzer tageblat (Lodz daily newspaper), Der yudisher zhurnalist (The Jewish journalist), Yugend (Youth), Heften (Notebooks), Literatur (Literature), and Gezangen (Songs)—in Lodz; Lubliner tageblat (Lublin daily newspaper); Di yetstige tsayt (Contemporary times) in Kalisz; and other serials.  In book form: Mayne gezangen (My songs) (Warsaaw, 1924), 60 pp.—poems of mood, motifs of biblical women, and songs of patriarchal Polish Jewish life.  Her second book, entitled Lider tsu got (Poems to God), was a selection of her poems written between 1924 and 1939; it was lost during the war years.  When the Germans seized Kalisz, she escaped to Lodz and lived with Miriam Ulinover.  She later went to Warsaw and died there in the ghetto.

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Khayim Leyb Fuks

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