Tuesday 6 December 2016


            He came from Riga, Latvia.  He was a Yiddish typesetter.  He was wounded on the front against Germany in WWI.  From 1918 he served as a member of the administration of the United Baltic Jewish War Invalids’ Association.  He published stories and memoirs of the war in Dos folk (The people), Frimorgn (Morning), and the almanac Der idisher krigs-invalid (The Jewish war invalid) (1928-1938)—all in Riga.  He was editor of the almanac In yene teg (In those days) in 1937 and Tsen yor (Ten years) in 1938.  When the Bolsheviks occupied Riga, he was director of a state publishing house.  Under the Nazis he was confined in the ghetto.  He was killed during the great Aktion in the Riga ghetto in December of 1941.

Source: Y. Rodinov and H. Aktsin, in Almanakh fun riger relif (Almanac of Riga relief), (New York) 3 (1948), p. 17.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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