Tuesday 20 December 2016


M. YEVNIN (b. 1868)
            He was born in Grodno, Russian Poland, the grandson of Shmuel Yevnin (Jevnin), the author of Naḥalat olamim (Eternal inheritance) and other religious texts.  He initially received a traditional Jewish education, later completing his studies as a medical doctor.  He practiced in Grodno, Bialystok, and Vilna.  He was the author of a series of booklets on health questions, which he published under the general title “Library of Hygiene,” among them: Reynlekhkeyt un gezund (Cleanliness and health) (Vilna, 1900), 18 pp., second edition (1901); Vi azoy ken men lang leben? (How can one live a long time?) (Vilna, 1901), 32 pp.; Muter un kind (Mother and child) (Vilna, 1902), 24 pp.

Sources: Foreword to Reynlekhkeyt un gezund (Vilna, 1901), pp. 3-5.
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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