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SH. Y. TSHARNO (1878-September 13, 1932)
            He was born in Vilna.  He graduated from the Vilna Russian Jewish teachers’ institute and later studied in Berlin where he received his doctorate in chemistry.  In 1906 he became a teacher at the Jewish teacher course of study in Grodno.  During WWI he was director of a Hebrew high school and Hebrew teachers’ course in Kharkov.  In 1918 he became director of the Hebrew high school in Kovno, Lithuania, and from there he moved to Vilna where he worked as director of the Hebrew teachers’ seminary run by Tarbut.  Later, he himself opened a Polish-Hebrew teachers’ seminary, which he ran until his death.  He published articles and stories in: Hatsfira (The siren) and Hatsofe (The spectator) in Warsaw; Hayehudi (The Jew) in London; Hazman (The times) in Vilna; and Hashiloa (The shiloah) in Odessa; among others.  He brought a series of Hebrew works in book form, among them: Letoldot haḥinukh beyisrael (History of education among Jews), in four parts with the fourth part remaining in manuscript (Vilna, 1928/1929-1939).  In Yiddish he published articles on educational issues in a variety of newspapers, mainly in the Zionist daily in Vilna, Di tsayt (The times).

Source: Obituary in Di tsayt (Vilna) (September 14, 1932); Sh. Y. Pineles, in Di tsayt (September 16, 1932).
Leyzer Ran

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