Monday 12 May 2014


YITSKHOK OYERBAKH (1862-January 5, 1931)
Born in Zborov (Zboriv), Eastern Galicia.  He studied in Lemberg and Paris, and thereafter he emigrated to Argentina.  He later settled in New York.  He composed more than twenty theatrical pieces.  Some of them were performed in Galicia.  Among his books: Bustnay, historishe operette in 5 akten und prolog (Bostenai, historical operetta in five acts and a prologue) (Lemberg, 1899), 55 pp.; Bas yerusholaim, historishe operete in 5 akten (Daughter of Jerusalem, historical operetta in five acts) (Lemberg, 1909), 47 pp.; Di kapore, komedye in 4 akten (The sacrifice, comedy in four acts) (New York, 1913), 73 pp.  He died in New York.

Sources: Biographical information drawn from Morgen-zhurnal (January 6, 1931); Zalmen Reyzen, in Yoyvl-bukh 30 yor keneder odler (30-year jubilee volume of the Canadian eagle) (Montreal, 1938); Z. Zilbertsvayg, Teater-leksikon, vol. 1; Gershom Bader, Medina veḥakhameha (The land and its wisdom) (New York, 1934); Y. Mestl, 70 yor teater-repertuar (Seventy years of theater repertoire) (New York, 1954); Sh. Perlmuter, Yidishe dramaturgn un teater-kompozitorn (Yiddish playwrights and composer) (New York, 1952).

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