Friday 9 May 2014


Born in Podhaitse, Eastern Galicia.  He spent a great deal of time roaming about Russia and Romania, and he lived in Odessa and Constantinople.  He later worked as a private teacher in Russia and wrote recreational novels and stories, dramas, and songs with his own music.  His books include: Der private-lehrer, bilder oys dem yudishen galitsishen leben (The private teacher, pictures from Jewish life in Galicia) (Drohobitsh, 1897-1898); Dos naye dor, bilder oys itstiger tsayt (The new generation, pictures from our time) (Lemberg, 1905), 173 pp.; Der tate hot di mame genumen, roman oys der gegenvart (Father married Mother, a novel of our time) (Lemberg, 1906), 172 pp.; Bilder oys fershiedene yudishe shikhten (Portraits of Jews from various strata) (Podhaitse, 1908).

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Zalmen Reyzen, in Yoyvl-bukh 30 yor keneder odler (30-year jubilee volume of the Canadian eagle) (Montreal, 1938).

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