Sunday 11 May 2014


OZIK OYERBAKH (b. December 15, 1902)
Born in Sasov (Sasów), Galicia.  He received his education in a Polish public school and high school.  He was one of the first local YIVO collectors, active in the Frayland (Freeland) movement of territorialists.  Together with his close friend Nokhum Bomze, he wrote up a piece of work: Der ekonomisher matsev fun di yidn in sasov (The economic state of Jews in Sasov) which was subsequently rewarded with a prize from the company Tsekave in Warsaw (published in Dos naye vort [The new word], Warsaw, 1936-1937).  The same periodical published his monograph, “Yidn in Sasov” (Jews in Sasov).  A work of his remains in manuscript form, “Der pendlpoyk in brod” (??).

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