Tuesday 6 May 2014


JACOB P. ADLER (January 1, 1855-March 31, 1926)
The famous actor, born in Odessa.  Beginning in 1879, he went through all the phases of the Yiddish theater in Europe: from Avrom Goldfaden to various wandering troupes.  He arrived in the New York in 1887.  In 1901 he began publishing his memoirs in B. Gorin’s Theater zhurnal (Theater journal) (New York) under the title, “Mayn lebns-bashraybung” (Description of my life), which later (anonymously revised by Yoel Entik) was published as 40 yohr af der bihne (Forty years on the stage).  It also appear in Di vahrhayt (The truth) (April 30, 1916-February 22, 1919) under the title, “Mayn lebn” (My life); also in Naye vahrhayt (New truth) from March 1925-July 18, 1925.

Source: Zalmen Zilbertsvayg, Teater-leksikon, vol. 1.

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