Friday 30 May 2014


MOYSHE AYZMAN (1847-April 16, 1893)
He was the brother of the well-known Russian-Jewish writer David Aizman.  Born in Tivrov, Podolia.  At ages sixteen he began devoting himself to a worldly education.  He lived in Voznesensk, Kherson district, and he died there.  He published publicist articles in a number of Hebrew and Russian newspapers.  His work Bifroah peraot beyisrael (In the great disorder of Israel) (1883) dealt with the pogroms in Russia from the early eighteenth century.  He was one of the first preachers on behalf of Chibat Tsiyon.  He wrote in Yiddish for Kol mevaser (The herald) and for Lilienblum’s Veker (Alarm) (1887).

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1.

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