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He was born in Minsk.  He received a traditional Jewish education.  In his youth he worked as an unskilled laborer in Kremenchuk.  He published in Oktyabr (October) in 1922.  He was a translator (from Russian to Yiddish).  He worked as a translator for Emes Publishers, Eynikeyt (Unity), and Sovetish heymland (Soviet homeland).  He translated: B. B. Grave’s Etyudn tsu der geshikhte funem proletaryat in f.s.s.r. (Studies in the history of the proletariat in the USSR) (Moscow, 1933), 283 pp.; Vladimir ilitsh, zamlung fun artiklen un derinerungen (Vladimir Ilyich, collection of articles and memoirs) [by Gleb Maksimilianovich Krzhizhnovskii] (Moscow, 1934); Geshikhte fun altertum, lernbukh farn 5tn un 6tn klas fun der mitlshul (History of antiquity, textbook for fifth and sixth grade in middle school) [by A. V. Mishulin] (Moscow, 1941), 275 pp.  His subsequent fate remains unknown.

Source: Biblyografisher arkhiv fun der yidisher sovetisher literatur (Bibliographic archive of Soviet Yiddish literature) (YIVO, New York); Sovetish heymland, Materyaln far a leksikon fun der yidisher sovetisher literatur (Material for a handbook of Soviet Yiddish literature), in Sovetish heymland (September 1975-).

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