Wednesday 7 May 2014


SHOLEM (SALOMON, SHALOM) ADLER-RUDEL (January 23, 1894-November 14, 1975)

     Born in Czernowitz, Bukovina; studied in a secular high school; graduated from a four-year course in optics and mechanics.  In 1913 he moved to Vienna.  In 1917 he began to publish articles concerned with Labor Zionism in Der yidisher arbiter (The Jewish worker).  He contributed to Undzer bavegung (Our movement), Virtshaft un lebn (Economy and life), Der veg (The way), and a number of Jewish-German publications (Berlin) and Jewish-English publications (London), as well as Hapoel hatsair (Youth laborer) and Davar (Word) in Tel Aviv.  He edited Yidishe arbiter-shtime (Voice of Jewish labor) (Berlin, 1921-1922) and Jüdische Arbeits- und Wanderfürsorge (Jewish labor- and immigrant care) in German (Berlin, 1927-1929).  From 1921 he devoted himself to Jewish refugee care.  He maintained important positions in the Poale Tsiyon movement and in the Jewish Agency.  Among his pseudonyms: She’ar (Remnant), Karl Grener, Rudolf Betrand, Sh. H. Falkon, Sh. Nesher.  He lived in Jerusalem.

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