Thursday 29 May 2014


YISROEL AYZ (September 16, 1876-December 1944)
Born in Ustriki, Galicia.  He began published when he was fifteen in Mekhazikei hadat (Strengtheners of the faith); later in Hamitspeh (The watch tower) in Krakow, Bat kol (Heavenly voice), Hamizrachi (The easterner), Hamodiya haderech (Informant of the way), Kol yisrael (Voice of Israel), Moriyah (Mount Moriah) in Frankfurt, Der tog (The day) in Krakow, Der yid (The Jew) in Warsaw, Dos yidishe tageblat (The Jewish daily), and others.  He was a cofounder of “Mizrachi” and later joined Agudat Yisrael.  He died in Zurich, Switzerland.

Source: Information from Rabbi M. Shvartsman (Winnipeg).

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