Sunday 4 May 2014


T. ADLER (b. ca. 1903)

Born in Borislav (Boryslaw) into the home of a poor craftsman.  He studied in religious schools, later graduating from a public school and a commercial school.  He worked as a clerk in a bank and in a petroleum factory.  At age fifteen he joined the youth organization of the left Poale-Tsiyon (Labor Zionists) and became active in the leadership until that organization’s split (1920).  He began to write while still a youngster in school.  He wrote poems and stories from laborers’ lives, as well as theatrical pieces which were put on by the youth organization.  In 1921 he was arrested and spent nine months in prison.  From 1930 he was a regular contributor to Poale-Tsiyon’s Arbeter tsaytung (Workers newspaper) and Fraye yugnt (Free youth).  In 1932 he received third prize in a poetry competition of the Bundist Vokhnshrift (Weekly) for his poem “Di kapelye” (The ensemble).  In manuscript he had a longer poem, “Borislav,” and a collection of poems and stories.  He used the following pseudonyms: L. Goldes, A. Koyfman, and A. Shrayber.

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