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            He was born in Moynesht (Moimești), Romania.  He studied in Bucharest and in Vienna, from whence he received his law degree.  He studied rabbinical subject matter with his father, who was for fifty years a rabbi in Romanian cities.  From 1948 he was a community rabbi in Romania.  From 1957 he was editor of the Bucharest biweekly and trilingual Tsaytshrift funem religyezn yidntum fun der rumenisher folks-republik (Periodical of religious Jewry of the Romanian People’s Republic)—the other languages were Hebrew and Romanian.  Of this serial, Romanian occupied eight pages with Yiddish and Hebrew together being allocated 1½ pages.  In book form: In likht fun der toyre (In light of the Torah).

Source: B. Ts. Goldberg, in Tog-morgn-zhurnal (New York) (September 2, 1959).
Berl Cohen

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