Friday, 10 May 2019


AVROM ROSE (b. August 8, 1864)
            The adopted name of A. Rozhetskin, he was born somewhere in the province of Smolensk.  From 1903 he was living in New York.  He began writing in Yiddish in 1914 short stories for various newspapers, as well as weekly and monthly journals.  From 1917 he was writing dramas and comedies for the Yiddish theater.  In book form: Dos leben, di tragishe un komishe zayten fun im (Life, the tragic and comic sides of it) (New York, 1921), 224 pp.  He had earlier published a long novel in Russian (St. Petersburg, 1890).

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4.
Berl Cohen

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