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            She was born in Cracow, Poland, descended from a merchant Hassidic family.  She graduated from elementary school, became a seamstress, studied Torah on her own, and ruminated a great deal on attracting girls to traditional Judaism.  After several years in Vienna, in 1918 she opened in Cracow an Orthodox school for girls called “Beys Yankev” (House of Jacob), in which she was the only teacher.  This type of school for girls quickly spread in Poland and in other countries.  Shenirer wrote articles and children’s plays in the Orthodox Kinder-gortn (Kindergarten) in 1926 and the journal Beys yankev, and she composed children’s pamphlets in verse: Yehudis, historishe forshtelung (Judith, a historical performance) (Cracow, 1924/1925), 32 pp.; Der koyekh fun heyligen shabes (The power of the holy Sabbath), a performance (Cracow, 1924/1925), 29 pp.  Her Gezamlte shriftn (Collected writings) appeared in Lodz in 1933 (128 pp.); later editions appeared in Brooklyn in 1956 (152 pp.) and again in Brooklyn in 1975/1976.  She died in Cracow.

Sources: Moyshe Prager, in Sefer kroko (Volume for Cracow) (Jerusalem, 1958/1959), pp. 369-75; Yoysef Fridenzon, in Dos idishe vort (New York) (Adar [= February-March] 1970); Em beyisrael, kitve sara shenirer (Mother in Israel, the writings of Sore Shenirer) (Tel Aviv, 1955-1960).
Beyle Gottesman

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