Tuesday 5 November 2019


PINYE SHENKER (d. 1941?)
            He was a journalist who hailed from a town in Polesia.  He was a regular contributor to Minsk’s daily newspaper Oktyabr (October).  He published there jottings, sketches, and feuilletons about life on a Jewish collective farm.  His work also appeared in: Atake (Attack) (Minsk, 1934), edited by Zelik Akselrod and Dovid Kurland; Shlakhtn (Battles) (Kharkov-Kiev, 1932); and Yekhezkl Dobrushin and Yoysef Rabin, Deklamater fun der sovetisher yidisher literatur (Declaimer of Soviet Jewish literature) (Moscow, 1934).  With Arn Yudelson, he published a book entitled Roytfoniker kolvirt “kolos” (Red-banner collective farm Kolos) (Minsk, 1934).  He was killed at the Soviet-German front.
Khayim Maltinski

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