Tuesday 12 November 2019


DOVID TEOMIM (d. January 1943)
            He attended religious elementary schools and yeshivas.  At age sixteen he debuted in print with a story drawn from Hassidic life.  He wrote for various newspapers.  In Haynt (Today) in Warsaw, he published several stories under the pen name “Der Khosid.”  In Yoyvl-bukh fun haynt (Jubilee volume from Haynt) for the years 1908-1938, there appeared a fragment of his long story Nekome (Revenge).  He was confined in the Warsaw Ghetto and died there in January 1943.

Sources: Ber Mark, Umgekumene shrayber fun di getos un lagern (Murdered writers from the ghettos and camps) (Warsaw, 1954), p. 68; Khayim Finkelshteyn, Haynt, a tsaytung bay yidn, 1908-1939 (Haynt [Today], a newspaper for Jews, 1908-1939) (Tel Aviv, 1978), pp. 202-3.
Bew\rl Cohen

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