Sunday 3 November 2019


BEN-TSIEN SHEKHTER (October 18, 1891-July 19, 1929)
            He was born in Obertyn, Galicia.  He studied in religious elementary school and yeshivas.  Around 1908 he completed four classes of high school in Vienna.  He lived in Czernowitz and Stanisle (Stanislaviv).  In 1923 he emigrated to Buenos Aires and later to Uruguay.  He worked as a correspondent to the Labor Zionist organ Der yudishe arbayter (The Jewish worker) in Lemberg (1921) and the weekly Der vanderer (The wanderer) (1923).  He published articles, Hassidic images, and stories in: Di prese (the press) and the weekly Far kleyn un groys (For big and small)—in Buenos Aires; and the weekly Unzer lebn (Our life) in Montevideo.  With Leyb Malakh, he edited Der immigrant (The immigrant) in Buenos Aires (2 issues, 1923-1924).  He died in Montevideo.

Source: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 4.
Berl Cohen

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