Wednesday 15 August 2018


PESYE PROTSEL (1908-August 1944)
            She was born in Vyelun (Wieluń), Lodz region, Poland.  In 1929 she graduated from the women’s teachers’ seminary run by Sore Shenirer in Cracow.  She was a teacher in Beys Yankev schools in Lodz, Wieluń, and Kalisz.  She published poems and children’s stories in Beys-yankev zhurnal (Beys Yankev journal), and her work was represented in the readers Kinder-gortn (Kindergarden) and Yunge shprotsungen (Young sprouts), among others, in Lodz.  In book form: Rus, yidishe historishe drame in 4 aktn (Ruth, a Jewish historical drama in four acts) (Kalisz, 1932), 48 pp.  During the German occupation, she was confined in the Lodz ghetto and later deported to Auschwitz where she was murdered by the Nazis.

Sources: Information from Y. Fridenzon in New York.

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