Sunday 24 August 2014


Author of approximately seventy notebooks in Yiddish (which were found on blank pages and the margins of a prayer book) concerning life in the Lodz ghetto, published in the journals Sinai, vol. 14, ה-ו, pp. קס״ט-ק״ע, and Yerushelaim (Jerusalem) (1950), pp. רמ״א-רע״ח—journals of an ordinary Jew.  In the saddest moments of his life, he showed no interest whatsoever in publishing his impressions of specific events in the Lodz ghetto.  The notebooks were not written in any chronological order, but took up certain days between February 1940 and October 1944.  They were published by Mordechai Zer-Kavod.

Source: N. Blumental, in Dapim lekheker ha-shoah vehamered, vol. 1 (Hakibutz hameuchad) (February 1952), pp. 149-52.

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