Sunday 10 August 2014


AVROM OSTROVER (b. April 1901)
     Born in Plotsk (Płock), Poland.  He was the brother of the Russian Jewish writer Liev Ostrovyer.  During WWI, he was a leader of Hashomer Hatsair (“the youth guard,” a youth Zionist socialist group).  He was by vocation a lawyer.  In the 1940s he came to the United States (Washington) as a refugee.  He published a booklet of poems entitled In ofte farnakhtn (On many an evening) (Warsaw, 1922), 44 pp.

Source: Plotsk, bletlekh geshikhte fun yidishn lebn in alter heym (Plotsk, pages from the history of Jewish life in the old country) (Buenos Aires, 1945)

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