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            He was born in Britshan (Briceni), Chotin (Hotin) district, Bessarabia.  He was a member of the literary group “Yung-rumenye” (Young Romania).  His poems “Besarabish” (Bessarabian) and “Katsovim” (Butchers) were published in Oyfgang (Arise) (Sighet-Marmației) 4 (1933).  His “first-fruits work” in book form—“concerning my Bessarabian home which I have incubated with special love over the course of years”—was Af besaraber erd (On Bessarabian soil), a poem in two parts, “printed in 3,000 copies in the publishing house of Oyfgang” in Sighet (Chicago: M. Tseshinski, 1935), 59 pp., with a cover designed by Lazar Dubinovski.  The poem—epic in tone and character—consisted of: “Part 1: Prologue, Summer in the Village, Winter in the Village, Years Fly by; Part 2: Under the Tsarist Yoke, Red Spring, Last Flare, Shadows, Epilogue.”  Part 1 which occupied forty-one of the book’s fifty-nine pages contains the most substantial portion of the poem.  The depiction of the “little Jew Moldevan,” a Bessarabian farmer, a simpleton in writing, yet a healthy, joyful toiler; and given the rural and, to be sure, un-Jewish surroundings, it is that much stronger poetically, as is the description of his youngest son Benyomen, the agronomist, book-reader, and overturner of worlds in the second part of the book.  He prepared for publication a second poem of 3,000 lines, entitled “Di letste vanderung” (The final wandering), Oyfgang (May-June 1935).  Together with Yosl Lerner he wrote a series of scenes for the variety theater in 1936, and he acted in “Der katerinshtshik” (The organ-grinder), “Der vaser-firer” (The water carrier), and “Reyzeles kholem” (Reyzele’s dream), among other plays.  He disappeared in the years of “fire and flame.”  He died in Kamenets-Podolsk.

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[Additional information from: Berl Kagan, comp., Leksikon fun yidish-shraybers (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers) (New York, 1986), col. 287.]

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