Tuesday 20 March 2018


            He was born in or near Bendin (Będzin).  He was a regular contributor to the Zaglembyer tsaytung (Zagłębie newspaper).  He wrote about N. Sokolov, Ḥ. N. Bialik, and other great Jewish writers.  He was active in the Zionist movement.  In 1936 he published in Zaglembyer tsaytung a monograph entitled “Zikhroynes fun di ershte tsienistn in zaglembye” (Memories of the first Zionists from Zagłębie).  According to various sources, the Germans shot him in the first days of their occupation of the Bendin region during WWII.

Sources: “Hotsaat irgun yotsei bendin beyisrael” (Organization of those from Bendin in Israel), in Pinkas bendin (Records of Bendin) (Tel Aviv, 1959), see index.

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