Wednesday 28 March 2018


            He was a rabbi, president of the court in the Jewish community of Raczki [Poland].  He was also a preacher in Yiddish, though his sermons were initially written in Hebrew.  He authored the religious work Shefekh sia (Pour out complaints) (Vilna: Efel and Garber, 1913/1914), 100 pp., with a preface by the author and a foreword.  The text is a collection of commentaries and explanations of the prayer “Avinu malkenu” (Our father, our king); every verse was translated from Hebrew into Yiddish.  On the frontispiece of the work, he wrote: “We have translated into Yiddish the precious commentary on the sacred prayer ‘Avinu malkenu,’ as a favor to the rabbis.”  Further information about the author remains unknown.
Yankev Birnboym

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