Wednesday 28 March 2018


ELYE (ELI) STOLPNER (April 6, 1923-August 2007)
            He was born in Brooklyn, New York.  He studied with an itinerant schoolteacher, in the Chaim Berlin Yeshiva, the Jewish teachers’ seminary, the teachers’ course at Workmen’s Circle, a high school, City College, and New York University (where he studied drama).  During WWII he served in the American Army.  From 1947 he was employed in the administration of the Forverts (Forward) and was in charge of the daily section of the newspaper entitled “Radyo un televizye” (Radio and television).  He also published reviews of theater and films under the pen name S. Elye.  He published humorous sketches and articles on music in the weekly newspaper Der id (The Jew), edited by A. Rozmarin.  He wrote an English-language column for the Jewish Press Syndicate, which appeared (1950-1952) weekly in Anglophone Jewish newspapers.  He also contributed articles to: Veker (Alarm) and Unzer tsayt (Our time) in New York.  For a time he also placed work in Kinder-tsaytung (Children’s newspaper), published by the Workmen’s Circle in New York.  In later years he served as manager of the image department of the Forverts.  He died in New York.
Benyomen Elis

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