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AVROM SVERDLOV (1913-1936)
            He was born in Riga, Latvia.  He graduated from a Hebrew high school.  He was active in the Communist youth movement, as well as in Gezerd (All-Union Association for the Agricultural Settlement of Jewish Workers in the USSR) and IKOR (Yidishe kolonizatsye organizatsye in rusland [Jewish colonization organization in Russia]).  Using pseudonyms, he wrote in the illegal and semi-legal Yiddish publications of the left in Latvia.  He contributed as well to: Byuletin (Bulletin), which appeared sporadically until 1934) and Batog (Daytime), among others.  He authored an agitation novel entitled Yugnt shmidt a tsukunft (Youth forge a future) (Riga, 1937), 144 pp., which was only published after his death.  At the time of the coup of Kārlis Ulmanis in 1934, he was confined to a concentration camp in Libave (Liepāja), and later fled to Russia.  There he was arrested, sent to a camp, and died.

Source: Buletin (Riga) (July 1937).
Khayim Leyb Fuks

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