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            He was a contributor to Di tsayt (The times) (1920-1922), edited by D. Pinski.  He wrote mainly about cooperatives—in his day, a pioneering field for Jews in the United States.  His writings in book form include: Di kooperative bavegung, vos zi iz un vos zi darf zayn (The cooperative movement, which it is and what is ought to be) (New York: Education Committee, Workmen’s Circle, 1919), 220 pp., with illustrations and a bibliography in English, German, and Russian.  This volume consists of two parts: (1) “Di teorye un praktik fun kooperatsye” (The theory and practice of cooperatives); and (2) “Kooperative bavegung in farsheydene lender (england, rusland, belgye, denemark, daytshland, fareynikte shtatn)” (The cooperative movement in various countries: England, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, United States).  The second part also includes (pp. 203-19) a chapter on Jewish cooperatives.  Further books: Varum yeder arbayter darf vern a kooperator? (Why should every worker become a member of a cooperative member?) (New York: Cooperative League of America, 1919), 15 pp.; and Kooperativen in sovet-rusland (Cooperatives in Soviet Russia) (New York: Jewish Socialist Federation of the Socialist Party in America, 1920), 29 pp., in pocketbook format.  Further biographical information remains unknown.

Source: Moyshe Shtarkman, “Fun populer-visnshaft biz visnshaft” (From popular science to science), Yorbukh (Yearbook) (New York, 1942/1943).
Yankev Birnboym

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