Thursday 4 December 2014


OZER BUMAZHNI (1885-May 20, 1963)
     He used the pen name: R. Ozerl.  He was born in Yuzefpol’, Podolia.  In 1905 he organized a self-defense apparatus in his town.  From 1912 he was living in Argentina.  At first he was a compositor, later a cofounder and administrator of Di prese (The press) in Buenos Aires.  In 1952 he founded the “Ozer Bumazhni Fund” for literature and journalism.  He wrote feature pieces and translated from Russian into Yiddish stories for: Yudish (Yiddish), Argentinishes vokhnblat (Argintine weekly news), Tog (Day), and Yidishe tsaytung (Jewish news)—all in Buenos Aires.  He died in Buenos Aires.

Sources: Y. Botoshanski, in Argentina, an anthology (1938), pp. 68, 70, 72; Sh. Rozhanski, Dos yidishe gedrukte vort in argentina (The published Yiddish word in Argentina) (Buenos Aires, 1941), p. 100; F. Lerner, in Di prese (January 19, 1955); Moris Rozenfelds briv (Buenos Aires, 1955), p. 3.

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