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     Born in Odessa, he attended religious elementary school and yeshiva.  He was a contributor to Der yud (The Jew) and Folks blat (People’s news).  He published anthologies, among them: Dos heylike land (The holy land), Veker (Alarm), Blumengartn (Flower garden), and Dos yudishe folks-kalendar (The Jewish people’s calendar) (Odessa, 1887), 60 pp.—these came out through 1906 (from 1896 under the title, Odeser yudisher folks-kalendar [The Odessa Jewish people’s calendar]).  Among his books: Der kleyner kolboynik (The little rascal) (Warsaw, 1886), 60 pp.; Vi geyt es unzere brider in Palestina? (How’s it going for our brothers in Palestine?) (Odessa, 1888), 8 pp.; A kale af oystsoln, roman (A bride on installments, a novel) (Warsaw, 1889), 48 pp.; Der yudusher minister, a historisher roman fun der letster tsayt, eyder men hot di yudn aroysgetribn fun shpanye (The Jewish minister, a historical novel from recent times, before they expelled the Jews from Spain) (Odessa: Bletsnitski, 1890), 48 pp.; Palestina (Palestine) (Odessa, 1890), 16 pp.; Geshikhte fun di yudishe kolonyen in erets-yisroel (History of the Jewish colonies in the Land of Israel) (Vilna, 1890), 35 pp.; Der kolonist (The colonist) (Odessa, 1890), 16 pp.; Erets-yisroel (Land of Israel) (Odessa, 1890), 8 pp.; Di sheyne miryem (The beautiful Miriam) (Vilna, 1891), 44 pp.; Der kinder merder (Murderer of children) (Vilna, 1891), 43 pp.; Dos yudishe ashires in erets-yisroel (Jewish wealth in the Land of Israel) (Vilna, 1891), 40 pp.; Der palestinyets (The Palestinian woman) (Odessa, 1891), 16 pp.; Der argetiner telegraf (The Argentinian telegraph) (Odessa, 1892), 8 pp.; Farshidene artiklen (Various articles) (Odessa, 1892), 16 pp.; Der berimter hershl ostropolyer (The famed Hershl Ostropolier) (Warsaw, 1903), 72 pp.; Vegvayzer nokh tsiyen (Guide to Zion) (Warsaw, 1903), 31 pp.  He was also the author of ten novels, written in the pulp vein.

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Y. Shatski, in Yivo-bleter 3 (1932), p. 438; A. Kirzshnits, Di yidishe prese in der gevezener ruslendisher imperye (1823-1916) (The Yiddish press in former Russian empire, 1823-1916) (Moscow, 1930), see index.

[Addition information from: Berl Kagan, comp., Leksikon fun yidish-shraybers (Biographical dictionary of Yiddish writers) (New York, 1986), col. 71.]

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  1. AVROM-YITSKHOK BUKHBINDER translated into Yiddish a historical roman "Der Tsveyter Haman" (The second Haman) (Vilna, 1890), 104 pp.
    דער צװײטער המן אדער דער װאהלטהעטיגער רב
    א היסטארישער ראמאן
    איבערזעצט פאן אברהם יצחק בוכבינדער
    Der tsveyter Haman oder der vohlthetiger rav :
    a historisher roman
    berzetst fon A.Y. Bukhbinder