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Born in Lodz into a family of retailers, he attended religious elementary school as well as a Talmud Torah.  He was a laborer, active in Poale-Tsiyon.  He was a leader in the Yiddish section of the Lodz library.  He was a member of the managing committee of the literary association in Lodz.  He began publishing (reportage and sketches) in Lodsher folksblat (Lodz people’s newspaper) in 1915, and he was a correspondent for Moment (Moment) and Nayer folksblat (New people’s newspaper), 1926-1939.  He wrote theater reviews and was one of the members of the editorial board (together with Moyshe Broderzon and Lazar Fuks) of Yidisher zhurnalist (Jewish journalist) in Lodz in 1919.  Among his pseudonyms: Ben-khanukh, A Sharftsingl, Teater-mensh.  Among his books: Milkhome-tsayt (Wartime), sketches and impressions (Lodz, 1917), 78 pp.; Zi shpilt vayter, pyese in dray aktn un fir bilder (She plays further, a play in three acts and four scenes) (Lodz, 1936), 77 pp.  He was the editor of Der takhshet (The brat), a weekly newspaper of humor (Lodz, 1925).  In 1939 he was in Bialystok; in 1940 he was in Vilna and later in the Vilna ghetto.  In November 1941 he was sent to Ponar and murdered there.

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