Tuesday 9 December 2014


Born in Dvinsk (Daugavpils)—then, in Russia—into a scholarly family, he studied at a secular high school in Warsaw and for three years in the faculty of philosophy at the Zurich University in Switzerland.  He later emigrated to the United States.  He published poems in various outlets.  In the 1920s he lived in Mexico where he published: Di makhsheyfes, a fantastishe drame in 5 aktn (The witches, a fantasy in five acts) (Mexico, 1927), 60 pp.; Berlzon un shmerizon in meksike, a komedye in 1 akt (Berlzon and Shmerizon in Mexico, a comedy in one act) (Mexico, 1928), 22 pp.; Meyzl der shadkhn oder gekoylt on a meser, a tragi-komedye in 3 aktn (Meyzl the matchmaker or slaughtered without an knife, a tragicomedy in three acts) (Mexico, 1929), 43 pp.

Sources: Z. Zilbertsvayg, Teater-leksikon, vol. 1; Shmuel Niger, in Tsukunft (New York) (August 1933); Y. Glants and M. Glikovski, in Yoyvl-oysgabe undzer veg (Jubilee publication of Undzer veg) (Mexico, January 1940).

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