Sunday 12 October 2014


YITSKHOK-MOYSHE BADER (March 15, 1841-March 19, 1905)
Born in Kraków, he was the father of Gershom Bader.  He wrote correspondences, stories, and articles for Ha-magid (The preacher) and Ha-tor (The circlet), and he published in Yiddish: Di tane un fikhte in betar (Fir and spruce in Betar), Haynrikh oder geshmadt un gehangen (Heinrich or converted to Christianity and hanged), Tsviye fun odesa (Zvia from Odessa), Di mume gnendl (Aunt Gnendl), and Mistre kroka (Mysteries of Kraków).

Sources: Zalmen Reyzen, Leksikon, vol. 1; Gershom Bader, Medina veḥakhameha (The state and its sages) (New York, 1934).

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