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YANKEV BABITSKI (JACOB LVAVI) (1911-December 20, 2001)
He was a research student at YIVO.  He published in Yivo-bleter (Pages from YIVO) 10 (Vilna) (1936), pp. 313-26: “Der onteyl fun di yidn in der erd-partselatsye afn shetekh fun der stanislavover voyevodshaft” (The participation of Jews in land parcellization in the domain of the Stanislavov command) and “Di yidishe landvirtshaft in der stanislavover voyevodshaft nokh der velt-milkhome” (Jewish agriculture in the Stanislavov command after the world war).  In pamphlet form: Yidishe landvirtshaft in stanislavover voyevodshaft (Vilna: Biblyotek fun yivo, 1938), 135 pp., second printing (Stuttgart, 1948) with prefaces by Dr. Max Weinreich and the author).  Among his other writings: “Di yidishe kolonizatsye in rusland un der proyekt vegn di ‘razryadn’ arum mitn 19 y’h” (Jewish colonization in Russia and the project concerning rankings around the middle of the nineteenth century), Yivo-bleter 3 (1932), pp. 462-66; “Tsu der geshikhte fun der yidisher kolonizatsye in rusland un poyln” (Toward a history of Jewish colonization in Russia and Poland), Vilner tog (Vilna day) (February 17 and 24, March 3, 10, and 17, 1937); “Di yidishe landvirtshaft in volin” (Jewish agriculture in Volhynia), Yidishe ekonomik (Jewish economics) 4-5 (Warsaw) (1937), pp. 177-83, and 6-8, pp. 261-67.  He survived the worst years of the Holocaust and turned up in a displaced persons camp in Germany.  In 1965 he published: Hahityashvut hayehudit bebirobijan (The Jewish colonization of Birobidzhan) (Israeli Historical Society, 445 pp.).  He died in Tel Aviv.

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