Friday 24 October 2014


MORDEKHAI BOKHNER (1897-October 28, 1977)
Born in Khzhanov (Chrzanow), eastern Galicia.  During WWII, he was interned in Hitler’s concentration camps.  In the years 1945-1950, he lived in Regensburg, and in 1950 he made aliya to Israel where he lived in Tel Aviv.  He was the author of Seyfer khzhanov, lebn un umkum fun a yidish shtetl (The book of Khzhanov, life and death of a Jewish town) (Munich-Regensburg, 1949), 375 pp.

Title page, Seyfer khzhanov

Source: Dr. Y. Shatski, in Yivo-bleter 37, pp. 268-70.

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