Sunday 5 October 2014


CHAIM-YEKHIEL (HYMAN I.) OSHRY (March 1870-December 30, 1924)

Born in the town of Kelm (Kelmė), Kovno district, Lithuania.  He was the son of the rabbi of Kelm, Yitskhok-Mordechai.  He was living in the United States from 1895.  In 1898 he became the rabbi and religious orator in Baltimore.  Author of such books and booklets as: Shomer emunim (Guarders of the faith) (Baltimore, 1896), 48 pp.; Magid Mishnah (Mishnah preacher) (New York, 1920); Ha-chaim ve-ha-shalom (Life and peace) (Baltimore, 1923), 70 pp.; and other collections of Yiddish sermons and religious writings about Jews and Judaism, as well as polemics with Zionists and socialists concerning Jewish education.

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