Sunday 5 October 2014


AVROM BABITSH (ABRAHAM BABITZ) (February 15, 1889-September 1968)
     Born in Tshetshersk (Čačersk), Byelorussia.  At age fifteen, he became a craftsman.  In 1905 he emigrated with his parents to the United States.  He published his first story in 1914 in Yiddish in Leidis garment voirker (Ladies’ garment worker).  He later published in Forverts (Forward), Gerekhtikeyt (Justice), Tsayt (Times), and in the publications of the Jewish National Workers Union: articles, feature pieces, and stories.  He was editor of Kalifornyer yidishe shtime (Jewish voice of California) over the years 1929-1935.  He translated from Russian stories by Maksim Gorky and Knut Hamsun.  He was the author of Zikhroynes un feder shpritsn (Memoirs and pen strokes) (Los Angeles, 1961), 128 pp.  He was living in Los Angeles where he died.

Source: A. Babitsh, in Zekhtsik-yoriker yoyvl (Jubilee at age seventy) (Los Angeles, 1949).

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